How To Keep Garden Flags From Blowing Away or Flipping?

Keep Garden Flags From Blowing Away

There are ways to prevent the tragedy of your garden flag being blown off its pole and possibly never found. 

1.One preventative is a rubber stopper. This a round flat piece of rubber with a small hole thru the middle. After placing your flag on the pole, slide a stopper on the pole close to the flag. Don’t slide it too far that it bunches the flag. The stopper will keep the flag securely on the pole. 

2.There are also specially made flag poles that hold flags securely. For example, the 3 piece reinforced garden flag. It has a lock at the end of the pole to keep the flag on.

3.Some poles have looped ends on the horizontal bar that keeps the flag on. Garden arbors also are good for holding flags securely.

Don’t forget to bring in your flag in very windy weather anyway.

Keep Garden Flag From Flipping

It’s so annoying to look out my window and see a garden flag flipped over and not hanging down. It bugs me, so I go out and flip it back over.

There is a gadget called a garden flag stabilizer that will solve this problem. It’s a horizontal bar with 2 clips that attach to the bottom of the garden flag adding a little weight to keep the flag from flipping.

Another way to keep your garden flag from flipping is to use flag clips. One end of the clip clasps around the flagpole. The other end clips to the flag. The clip should be put near the bottom of the flag. They can be unclipped and used again.

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