Where To Place a Garden Flag?

There are a lot of places you can highlight with flags!

Some places to hang a garden flag are --

Driveway - at the entrance where a visitor will see upon arriving or midway or near the end to be seen by someone exiting their car.

Flower bed - If you display a garden flag in a flower bed or near flowers, be sure you know what is needed for your flowers in the way of shade or full sun. For example, if your flowers or plants require full sun, don’t place your flag in a spot that will block the sun from your plants. Also it might be best to put a garden flag near low plants only. Your flag could damage high plants, especially delicate ones when it flaps in the wind.

Porch steps - I have a garden flag near my front porch steps. A pretty welcome flag goes nicely here.
Mailbox - There are brackets that can be mounted on wooden mailbox posts.

Doors - You may have or seen a wreath door hanger. Well, there are also garden flag door hangers. There is no labor or hardware to install the hanger. Just slide the flag on the horizontal bar and place the hook end over the top of the door.

Wall - There are also hangers to display garden flags on a wall in your house. Some flags have phrases on them that might have special meaning to you that you’d like to display.

Grave - If your cemetery rules allow it, an appropriate garden flag can be placed at a loved one’s gravesite. There are also mini flags that measure 4”x 6” that might be used there too.

Porch/Patio - There are also stands for garden flags that aren’t inserted in the ground. They are free-standing holders. The holder can be put on any flat stable surface. An example is the Carson Garden Flag Stand.

To hide something - I have a garden flag hanging in front of a dwarf evergreen tree that has a bare spot. The flag hides it.
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